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The Scarlet

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PostSubject: Overview    Mon May 22, 2017 5:50 pm

What is The Scarlet?

The Scarlet is a (rather trashy) in-character tabloid, owned by Webbles Boozeboat, and primarily written by made-up NPCs working for A Webblesque Enterprise.

The purpose of this tabloid is to document some of the RP on the server and to spread information (gossip and scandals) in character, thus offering your characters something to actually talk about in those taverns they spend too much time in.

How often do you release new issues?

Whenever I feel like it! Writing the articles can be a lot of work if I'm not inspired to do so, and sometimes nothing particularly interesting (to me at least) is happening on the server anyway, so there may be nothing to write about.

Why is it on this website?

I used to write the paper on GHI (addon), but since the trading doesn't work properly between the merged servers, I had to move it elsewhere. I didn't want to do it on DefiasRP because I wanted more control over the visual aspects etc.


Background art: Conrad Crispin Jones

PS. Some weird links occasionally appear in the descriptions on the front page. You might want to avoid clicking them.
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