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 How -you- can contribute

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The Scarlet

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PostSubject: How -you- can contribute   Mon May 22, 2017 5:49 pm

1. Writing Articles

You can contact me about writing your own articles. After we've chatted, you can either:

a) Sign up on this site and I'll give you the appropriate forum rank so that you can write here, or
b) you can simply write your article somewhere else, send it to me, and I will post it here.

2. Adverts

You can also send me your in-character guild or business adverts (that your character would have paid a small fee for).

3. Tips

You can also just send me tips about something scandalous your character has witnessed, and if I find it intriguing enough (and have the time/inspiration), I will write the article about it.

Also, should you desperately want to RP the victim of a scandal yourself, you can always send tips about your own shady actions. There are plenty of NPCs on the streets who could've spotted you!

IC the tips can be considered to be rumours, letters or even sticky notes that were sent to The Scarlet office.

I can be contacted through:
  • In-game mails or whispers (Webbl├¬s-TheVentureCo)
  • PM on defiasrp.com

Disclaimer wrote:
Webbles reserves the right to edit articles and adverts in case they aren't scandalous enough, or whatever reason she sees fit IC!
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How -you- can contribute
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