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The Scarlet

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PostSubject: Overview    Sun Aug 07, 2016 8:15 pm


Posters in big cities wrote:
The Scarlet

The hottest new tabloid on Azeroth is looking for writers and contributors to help us keep the citizens entertained and informed! The salary will be paid monthly or based on the length of your article if you are a one-time contributor.

The Scarlet features everything you could possibly think of - and more!

If you wish to join the newsroom, place an advert or become an irregular contributor, take part in a competition or ask questions in our agony aunt section, et cetera, contact the owner Webbles Boozeboat.

The Scarlet, The Scarlet tagline and all affiliated content is the intellectual property of A Webblesque Enterprise.

The Scarlet is an In Character World of Warcraft tabloid with two main goals:

  1. Making all sorts of tavern RP a bit more interesting by giving people actual things to gossip about.
  2. Documenting the RP on the server.

So, What's New?

No More GHI!

It seems they are never going to make the cross-realm trading possible, and that simply ruins the main reason why I wanted to use GHI - the little bit of RP that happens when people come to buy their papers. But when the trading didn't work, people just waited for the import code to appear on the forums, and nothing was achieved.

So, as much as I hate encouraging off-screen RP, this time I will be trying out a forum website, and hope that it still at least manages to get people to gossip about things. I will add the link here later when I'm somewhat content with the design.


Did you spot (or do) something scandalous but can't be bothered to write an article about it? Did your character or a nearby NPC even get a picture of a murder or an affair? Send your knowledge to me and I'll write the blast for you!

I'm hoping that while a lot of people may not be interested in writing news longer than two sentences, maybe they would still find the time to send me those two sentences and keep the gossip going. Even if you aren't interested in gossip, you could always have a nemesis that needs to be publicly humiliated. Abuse the trashy media for your own goals. Yay!

And, should you desperately want to RP the victim of a scandal yourself, you can always send tips about your own shady actions. There are plenty of NPCs on the streets who could've spotted you!

Tips can be sent to me via

  • In-game mails or whispers (Webblês-TheVentureCo, Webbles-Ravenholdt, Webbles-TheVentureCo or Webbles-Sporegar)
  • PM on defiasrp.com
  • PM on The Scarlet's forum (TBA)
  • Or even via e-mail to thescarlet.tips@gmail.com

IC they can be considered to be rumours, letters or even sticky notes that were sent to Webbles.


Even Worse Quality!

If I get a really juicy tip, I'm not going to not post it just because I don't have enough material to make it longer than five sentences. Or if there aren't any facts to back it up. Those are very irrelevant in good journalism, after all!


Background art credit: Conrad Crispin Jones
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